Gauravchaddha is an independent photographer


My tryst with photography began in my college ,Delhi College of Arts and commerce(DCAC),and then in Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan,where it formally became a part of my journalism program.

I also got an opportunity to further enhance my skills at Triveni Kala Sangam and under veteran photographer DR O.P Sharma.Even though I started with of film ,lately everything being digitised I have adapted and updated myself with time.almost an experience of more than a decade has allowed me to experiment with variety of lenses ,explore videography and see image making and capturing through an evolved frame .For me photography is an evolving craft best understood when placed in its context. The essence of work remains in capturing the perfect moment to make it last forever.

Works of some leading artists,acadmicians,and photographers such as yousuf karsh,Richard Avedon,Ansel Adams,Alfred stieglitz,Annie leibovitz,Steve Mccurry, Raja Ravi Verma ,Mf Husain,and Amrita shergil sit the core of what I do.

My past experience has allowed me to collaborate with many artists ,designers and I am open to further collaborations with advertising agencies ,corporate houses and e-commerce giants.